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Stuttering Blocks Explained (VIDEO)

by William D. Parry, J.D., M.A., CCC-SLP

  Copyright 2011 by William D. Parry

If you stutter, do words sometimes feel like "brick walls"? Do you repeat, prolong, or force on initial consonants? Do your blocks get stronger the harder you try to break through them? In this video, William Parry, a licensed speech pathologist, explains these common stuttering behaviors, based on his clinical research on Valsalva Control Therapy. It will show that the problem is not in saying the consonant, but rather the neurological substitution of effort in place of phonation of the word's vowel sound. This reaction may be triggered by the anticipation of difficulty or the urge to use effort to reduce anxiety.



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 William D. Parry, Esquire, CCC-SLP

A licensed speech-language pathologist and trial lawyer, offering stuttering therapy and counseling (including Valsalva Control stuttering therapy) in person in Philadelphia and over the Internet via webcam (subject to applicable law). 

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Valsalva Control Stuttering Therapy is a new approach to improving fluency by controlling the physiological mechanism that may be causing stuttering blocks. For further information on Valsalva Control Therapy, visit Stuttering Therapy and Counseling at


The Revised and Expanded Third Edition of Understanding and Controlling Stuttering (2013) may be ordered from the National Stuttering Association.

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