The Valsalva Stuttering Network

An Introduction to

The Worldwide

Valsalva Stuttering

Therapy Program

By William D. Parry, CCC-SLP

             Copyright ⰱ2 by William D. Parry, CCC-SLP. All rights reserved.

These videos are intended for persons who are participating in a supervised Valsalva Stuttering Therapy program. They are for informational purposes only and are not a substitute for diagnosis and treatment by a qualified speech-language pathologist. The discussions apply only to the most common type of stuttering in adults, known as "persistent developmental stuttering," and may not be relevant to other kinds of disfluencies.

Part 1: The Nature of Stuttering Blocks

This video discusses the neurological and physiological factors involved in stuttering blocks.

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Part 2: The Psychology of Stuttering Blocks

This video discusses some of the psychological factors involved in stuttering blocks.



Part 3: Fundamentals of Valsalva Stuttering Therapy

This video discusses some of the fundamental principles of a promising new treatment of stuttering, called Valsalva Stuttering Therapy.